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Nursery is located in the southern part of Somogy county. Forestry-fir seedlings, plants and Christmas tree production deals. Forest seedlings for afforestation and landscaping are also suitable.


Christmas trees of pine-tree seedlings are produced from imported seed. Fir Christmas Tree telepünkön Top searches the tree species can be found.


Pine seedlings spruce: / Picea abies / Serbian spruce / Picea Omorika / gray spruce / Picea glauca / silver / Arizona caibab /, concolor / Abies concolor / duglasia / Pseudotsuga mensiesii / Normandy / Abies nordmanniana 


Christmas trees with pine wood species: spruce / Picea abies / szerbluc spruce / Picea Omorika / szürkeluc spruce / Picea glauca / silver blue spruce / Picea pungens glauca /, concolor fir / Abies concolor / duglasia / Pseudotsuga mensiesii / Norman pine / Abies nordmanniana .

Forestry seedlings: Quercus petraea, Quercus Robur,Quercus Cerris,Quercus Rubra ,     Fagus Sylvatica ,Juglans Regia,Robinia Pseudoacaccia,Alnus Glutinosa,Betula Pendula,      Populus canescens,Pinus Nigra,Pinus sylvestris,Picea Abies

The coming season nurseries and Christmas lumberyard material published in the brochure are offered to our clients for your interest!




 The hope of future cooperation greets: Tibor Csordás Owner.