Pine Propagating Material

PINE Propagating Material ADMINISTRATOR:

Tiborné CSORDÁS / 0630 683 8608 /

Propagating Material Pine expanding range of best imported seeds are prepared.


The seedlings are raised with free ground shielding.


Pine personally gain or mail us at cash on deliver.


  The propagation material are provided, depending on their age and education, maternal seed numbers size.

(2/0, 2/1, 2/2 is the first number represents the seed bed for the second year at the school).


Putting schooling to the propagation material in order to provide more treatment and more abundant roots develop, and to stem growth to remain to some extent.


Rooted in rich and low-stem planting material, with the vicissitudes even in rough areas can tolerate more.


Prior to the final location being planted for this purpose once, maybe twice transplanted called Propagating Material schools.


Propagating Material for seedling root system is not as rich in texture. Usually left in place for 1-2 years, the lights can be installed after 2 years packer.



  •   Picea pungens glauca 
  •   Picea orientalis
  •   Picea omorica 
  •   Picea  glauca  
  •   Picea engelmannii
  •   Picae abies
  •   Abies alba
  •   Abies cephalonica 
  •   Abies concolor    
  •   Abies koreana 
  •   Abies nordmanniana
  •   Abies pinsapo
  •   Abies procera   
  •   Abies veitchii 
  •   Pseudotsuga menziesii glauca 
  •   Pinus nigra
  •   Pinus silvestris