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Christmas tree plantation great selection, good quality and low bulk, packaged we can serve our customers cut pine wood demand.


In addition to several varieties of ornamental horticulture can provide the Christmas tree from the forest transplants are not material, but special pine plantations in the area can not be utilized for any other purpose exploited.

The trees are usually ripe for slaughter in 8-15 years.


Then replant immediately.  


Christmas massively cut down a live tree, enjoying the beauty of the wood was, the scent, and after destroyed, discarded, since they, as well as cut flowers.  


Recent years, many people opt for a skeleton version, but this solution can be a bit tricky if you do not have to do / be planted in pine.




  • Picea pungens glauca
  • picea glauca
  • picea abies
  • abies nordmanniana
  • abies concolor